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Tutanota allows users to send end-to-end encrypted e-mails to anyone, regardless of e-mail service provider. If one chooses to send an encrypted e-mail to a Gmail user, there is a need to somehow transmit a password to the recipient, which seems that it could potentially serve as a security risk to those who are extremely privacy-conscious. But for those who use the service to send e-mail to another Tutanota user, the encryption works similar to PGP and no additional information needs to be exchanged, as the software does all the work.


Encrypt all the things:

Tutanota automatically encrypts all your data on your device. Your emails as well as your contacts stay private. You can easily communicate with any of your friends end-to-end encrypted. Even subject and attachments are encrypted.


Open source and forever free:

Tutanota is licensed under GPL v3 – essential to any security service. We experience an amazing support from our community.


Use wherever you are:

Simply access your encrypted mailbox with your favorite web browser from any device. You can also use mobile apps for Android and iOS.


Usability of the highest order:

Tutanota offers an open and roomy webmail service that is not cluttered with unnecessary features.

Another tweak Tutanota made in response to user feedback was removing the need to provide a telephone number when signing up, which likely prevented a number of users from actually signing up due to it practically de-anonymizing the user.



Recently Implemented New Features:

  • Tutanota webmail client is available as Open Source: https://github.com/tutao/tutanota
  • Partial loading of email list (optimization for mobile devices)
  • Forwarding of attachments
  • Final deletion of emails in trash folder
  • Invitation email to friends
  • Registration without mobile phone number

Features Currently Being Developed:

  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Make Tutanota compatible with PGP
  • Add top-level domains (tutanota.com, tutanota.ru, tutanota.cn)
  • Make Tutanota usable with your own domain




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